Summer 2023 Home Remodeling Trends

The blog highlights three popular home remodeling trends for summer 2021 from Carbone’s Home Solutions. It mentions the rising trend of creating outdoor living spaces, suggesting the addition of features like fire pits, outdoor furniture, and string lights to transform the backyard or patio into an inviting area. The blog also recommends brightening up the kitchen with updates such as modern cabinets, appliances, or a bold color scheme. Lastly, it emphasizes the growing popularity of smart home technology, enabling homeowners to control various aspects of their homes remotely for convenience and security. Carbone’s Home Solutions, a highly rated and fully insured handyman service company, is recommended for quality workmanship and reliable services.

The Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning

The blog highlights the benefits of hiring a professional gutter cleaning service like Carbone’s Home Solutions. It emphasizes the importance of safety, as professional crews are experienced and equipped with proper safety gear, reducing the risk of injuries. The blog also mentions the efficiency of professional cleaning, as experienced crew members can quickly and effectively clean the gutters using specialized tools and techniques. Additionally, it highlights the protection aspect, as regular gutter cleanings help prevent water damage, roof issues, and foundation damage by ensuring proper water drainage. Carbone’s Home Solutions, with their experienced team and 5-star ratings in Chicagoland, is recommended for reliable and effective gutter cleaning services.

Preparing To Clean Your Home

The blog from Carbone’s Home Solutions provides guidance on preparing for a deep home cleaning. It advises gathering cleaning supplies, such as products, vacuum cleaner, mop, and sponges, before starting the cleaning process. The blog suggests tackling big projects first, including dusting, vacuuming, washing windows, and mopping floors, followed by focusing on smaller details like wiping down surfaces, cleaning light fixtures, switches, and outlet covers. Carbone’s Home Solutions, a fully insured professional handyman service, is recommended for assistance with all aspects of home cleaning, from gathering supplies to completing the tasks, ensuring a sparkling clean space.

Is It Time To Replace Your Bathtub?

The blog discusses when it’s time to replace a bathtub and highlights signs that indicate the need for an upgrade, such as cracks, stubborn stains, mold or mildew buildup, unpleasant odors, leaks, rust, or an outdated style. It emphasizes the benefits of bathtub replacement, including improving the appearance of the bathroom, increased efficiency, longevity, and enhanced safety. Carbone’s Home Solutions, a 5-star rated handyman service company, is recommended for assistance in selecting and installing the right bathtub, ensuring a smooth and worry-free process.

Should You Install Laminate Flooring?

The blog discusses the benefits of installing laminate flooring and highlights Carbone’s Home Solutions as a reliable option for laminate flooring installation. It mentions the affordability of laminate flooring compared to hardwood, its durability against scratches and scuffs, easy maintenance requirements, and the wide variety of styles available. The blog emphasizes the importance of proper installation, including preparing the subfloor, measuring the room, and acclimating the new floor boards, and recommends hiring professionals like Carbone’s Home Solutions for a successful installation.

Should You Get A New Sump Pump?

The blog discusses the importance of having a reliable sump pump and highlights Carbone’s Home Solutions as a trusted handyman service for sump pump needs. It mentions several signs that indicate it’s time to replace a sump pump, including its age, loud or strange noises, basement flooding despite the pump being on, malfunctioning float switch, and water collecting around the sump pit. The blog emphasizes the benefits of installing a new sump pump, such as improved energy efficiency, increased water handling capacity, and additional features like backup batteries for power outages. Carbone’s Home Solutions is recommended for professional assistance in determining the need for a new sump pump and its installation.

Heat Pumps: Repair vs. Replace

Heat Pumps: Repair vs. Replace After installing hundreds of HVAC systems in the area, we wanted to create a homeowners guide to HVAC Heat Pumps. Homeowners often need to weigh their options when it comes to the health of their HVAC units. Heat pumps, in particular, can require more attention than other parts of your […]

Different types of HVAC filters for your home

Different Types Of HVAC Filters For Your Home At Carbon Home Solutions, we understand the importance of selecting the right HVAC filter for your home. We understand that everyone’s needs when it comes to HVAC filters is different and we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of HVAC filters to suit every customer’s needs. […]

5 Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips

CALL NOW! 815-202-1626 Sale Ending Soon $350 OFF Your Project When you are ready to renovate your bathroom, keep these five tips in mind from the experts at Carbone’s Home Solutions! 1. Define Your Budget The first step is always to establish a budget. How much can you realistically afford to spend on your bathroom […]

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