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Fairmont Sump Pump Installation

As a homeowner, you understand that a hard-working sump pump will help safeguard your home in Fairmont from water and flood damage. 

Even a small amount of standing water can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. But don’t panic: a basement sump pump can prevent the scenario entirely.

When you need top-notch sump pump installation or replacement service, you can rely on Carbone’s Home Solutions to do the job with integrity and professionalism. 

Since 2020 our specialists have completed an abundance of sump pump projects in South West Chicagoland. We are happy to provide convenient scheduling and no-frills pricing.

To schedule sump pump installation or replacement, call 815-202-1626 or reach out online.

Signs that You Need Sump Pump Service

If you’re wondering if your sump pump might need service, It’s best to take action right away. Take a look at a few signs that it’s time to reach out to the specialists from Carbone’s Home Solutions:

  • Basement smells like mildew: When a sump pump doesn’t receive periodic maintenance,  mildew, and mold can grow in the sump pit and spread over time to other areas in your basement.  
  • Sump pump runs noisily: It’s typical for a sump pump to generate a bit of noise while it’s operating, but it should never be disruptively loud or make unusual sounds. 
  • Sump pump doesn’t get regular testing: You should check on occasion to ensure it’s working efficiently. That way, if you come across an issue, you can start taking action to troubleshoot and repair it before it rains next.
  • Basement has flooded in the past: Basement flooding is typically the product of a damaged sump pump. If your basement has recently experienced flooding, installing a new pump can prevent it from taking place in the future.

Team Up with Carbone’s Home Solutions for Sump Pump Services in Fairmont

If you’re without a sump pump or the old unit is not working properly, Carbone’s Home Solutions has the perfect solution. We procure and install top-notch sump pumps from reliable manufacturers. 

To get sump pump service, installations, and replacements that are sure to keep your basement contact Carbone’s Home Solutions at 815-202-1626 or fill out the quick web form. 

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