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New Lenox Sump Pump Installation

It’s a fact that a reputable sump pump will safeguard your New Lenox home from water-related damage. As little as a single inch of standing water can result in tens of thousands of dollars in property damages and repairs. But don’t worry: a new sump pump can avert this situation entirely. When it’s time for high-quality sump pump replacement or installation service, you can have peace of mind that Carbone’s Home Solutions to do the job right. Since 2020 our experts have performed an abundance of sump pump projects in the South West Chicagoland area – that’s why we are pleased to offer flexible appointment scheduling and no-frills pricing.

To set up a sump pump installation, simply give us a call at 815-202-1626 or contact us via the contact form.

Warnings that You Need Sump Pump Service

If you believe your sump pump might need service, It’s best not to delay. Take a look at a couple of signs that the time has come to call the specialists from Carbone’s Home Solutions:

  • Your basement smells moldy: When sump pumps do not get maintenance on a routine basis,  mildew and mold will begin to develop in the sump pump pit and eventually fan out to various spots in the basement.  
  • A sump pump is noisy during operation: It’s fairly standard for a sump pump to make a little noise during operation, but it shouldn’t be very loud or make unusual sounds like gurgling or grinding. 
  • A sump pump isn’t tested regularly: Your sump pump should be checked periodically to make sure it’s running properly. That way, if you notice something amiss, you can start taking action to have it diagnosed and repaired before it rains next.
  • Basement has flooded in the past: A flooding basement is usually the product of a malfunctioning sump pump. If your crawlspace or basement has recently experienced a flood, a new replacement pump can stop it from happening a second time.

Count on Carbone’s Home Solutions for Sump Pump Installation in New Lenox

If your home is without a sump pump or your existing device isn’t in peak condition, Carbone’s Home Solutions has a productive solution. We stock and install quality sump pumps from industry-leading national brands. 

To get a sump pump service that is certain to keep your crawl space or basement reach out to Carbone’s Home Solutions at 815-202-1626 or fill out the quick web form. 

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